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How To Stop The Munchies

An image of two people eating burgers and fries.

No matter how you consume cannabis, there’s something undeniable you experience — the munchies. While lighting up a joint or smoking a bowl may be a relaxing experience, if you’re someone who’s trying to lose weight or eat healthier, the cravings for pizza and other unhealthy foods can be extremely annoying. In this blog post, we will be discussing some ways to help curb those cravings that your favorite cannabis products may give. But first, we will be diving deeper into why cannabis products provide you with the side effect of the munchies. 


Starting off, why does cannabis make you hungry? Some research has shown that when you consume cannabis, it can muddle the signals in your brain that tells you when you’re hungry and when you’re full. Now, some people consume cannabis for the sole purpose of the munchies and it can even help people who have struggled with eating disorders, cancers, and other aspects that can suppress a person’s appetite. But, for those of us who have made the choice to live a healthier lifestyle, you may not be as excited for the hunger cravings that make you want to down a whole bag of cheese. 


Yes, some people crack jokes and even look forward to the munchies, they can really take a toll on your physical health. All those extra calories can mean weight gain, heartburn, indigestion, interrupted sleep, diabetes, and so much more. There are a handful of negative effects that can stem from overeating, which consuming cannabis products may give you. So how do you combat the munchies?  Well, we’re here to help! 


Understand Your Smoke Schedule and Your Eating Schedule

Many of us love to smoke at night. It’s a relaxing ritual that can help you sleep, which can help you wake up on the right side of the bed the next morning. However, if you’re smoking at night and you haven’t had anything to eat in the past few hours you may experience those cravings. If you’ve set up somewhat regular eating and smoking schedule, it can help you feel satisfied and relaxed without the guilt of the munchies. Eating before you smoke can also help you avoid those cravings for the classic unhealthy foods. Another tip is, if you’re consuming infused edibles as a part of your meal, try using cannabis oil or another form of cannabis in a healthier dish. There are tons of options that you can utilize that won’t pack on the extra calories. 

Keep Busy

This doesn’t mean that you have to clean the whole house while you’re high, but keeping your brain occupied can help turn your brain to somewhere else. Playing video games, painting, reading a good book, or anything else can help switch that signal that tells you you’re hungry. If you do this enough, you may even condition yourself into associating cannabis with a fun activity, which is great! 


Chew Gum

For some reason when you’ve consumed cannabis, the flavor of mint is very appealing. Not only does it help saliva production and get rid of that cotton mouth feeling but it also can help alleviate hunger. Of course, you need to eat but when it comes to curbing the munchies this can really help. You may also find that when you’ve got that minty fresh feeling in your mouth, other foods and flavors may not be as appealing. For example, orange juice right after you’ve brushed your teeth? Yuck. So, by brushing your teeth, swishing around mouthwash, or chewing gum are all healthy ways to cope with the munchies. Plus it’s a great way to help you keep up with your oral hygiene. 


Resist The Temptation

Sometimes it may feel impossible to stop snacking when you’re high. If you know that you’re a person who loves to snack, get rid of the temptation. Delete all your food ordering apps, don’t keep junk food in the house, and anything else that can help get rid of the temptation. That way you won’t have any of that post cannabis snack regret. 


This can also include keeping healthy snacks around the house. Switch out your potato chips for carrots and hummus. You’d be surprised how many healthy tasty options are around.


Use Them To Your Advantage 

If you can’t beat the munchies, use them to your advantage. Maybe you’ve been lacking in your vegetable intake, well after a few hits that kale may be extra tasty to you! It’s not a bowl of mac n cheese, but chicken and veggies you made may be exactly what you’ve been craving. It’s the perfect way to enjoy cannabis and consume food that’s a lot healthier for you. 


Try A Different Strain 

The munchies depend largely on the type of cannabis that you’re consuming. If you find yourself unable to control your taste buds after consuming, try another strain. Don’t be afraid to ask your budtender for a strain that may not be as prone to cravings. Trust us, it’s not the first time they’ve been asked. And, if they know their strains (like our budtenders do) they’ll be able to point you in the right direction. Certain strains that are high in CBD and THCV are usually better suits for non-snacking goals. 


All-in-all, we’re not trying to say that munchie is bad, we love them! But if you’re someone who’s trying to eat healthier and say “no” to fast food, these tips and tricks may help to not pack on the extra lbs due to cannabis. If you’re looking for different options for your cannabis consumption, look no further than Empire Health and Wellness. With a variety of strains, we have products ranging from edibles, pens, pre-rolls, and so much more. With experienced budtenders and a beautiful dispensary in Modesto, you’d be silly to not stop by. Click here to learn more about us and view our products. We can’t wait to see you! Call us today with any questions and remember, it’s always 4:20 somewhere!