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How to Find the Right Dosage for You When You’re New To Cannabis

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When it comes to edibles, it can be difficult figuring out what the right dosage is. From food product edibles to lozenges, to capsules, they can all give long-lasting and safe effects. However, these products can also produce unwanted effects if you take a larger dosage than you need. Your experience really depends on the dosage and whether or not it’s the right dosage for your body. While you can find plenty of charts that can help you decide what the right amount is for you, we’re going to be discussing a couple of factors to consider when choosing the right dosage of cannabis. 


Starting off, every person is unique, which means that every dosage is unique. Every person has a different physical build an environment that they’re in, which can easily influence the way that the cannabis product affects you. Some people are extremely sensitive to THC or CBD and do well with lower dosages, and vice versa. So, if you’re ever in a group setting or have someone telling you what dosage you should take, take it with a grain of salt and figure out the best dosage for you. Never feel peer pressured to take a dosage that you think maybe too high or too low. 


Understand Your Contents 

When you’re consuming a product that has CBD or THC for added benefits, you may experience benefits that relieve or decrease certain feelings such as anxiety, joint pain, and elevated heart rate. While there are no scientific cases proving that CBD or THC can be used as a cure, many people have reported that their symptoms have decreased or disappeared. 


You also want to understand the differences between the chemicals and how either CBD or THC can affect you. For example, CBD partially blocks the intoxicating effects of THC, so if you want to experience the benefits of cannabis without the effects that a high may bring, you may want to opt for a CBD only product or a product with a low THC level. As the consumer, you’ll want to understand the components of the product and its ratio of the CBD or THC. 


If You’re New To Cannabis

If you’re new to cannabis or new to the edible world, we recommend that you start off with a dose of around 1-2.5mg of THC (plus CBD if wanted). To avoid absorption in your gut, we recommend that you start with an edible that can be held in the mouth and absorbed through the oral blood vessels under the tongue and in the cheeks. Tinctures, oils, lozenges, mints, troches, gummies, and tablets are all good options. 


If you want a baked good, such as a cookie or brownie, they can be absorbed orally if they’re held in the mouth for around 1-3 minutes before swallowing. However, tinctures and the products we described earlier are great to use for more precise dosing. You can also easily up the dosage with these products too. 


If you’re wanting to increase your dosage, we recommend that you wait about two hours before taking an additional dose of edibles.  A very common mistake is that people take larger doses when they don’t “feel anything”, which can then result in a very unpleasant experience of being too high. If you’re ever feeling like your high is too much, click here to read our latest blog post where we give some of our favorite ways to combat your high. 

Other Tips 

  • If you’re still feeling any effects from an edible after about one hour, you can try eating a light snack to kickstart your digestion and absorption. Some snacks include apples, crackers, peanut butter, etc. 
  • If you’re very new to the cannabis scene, it’s not uncommon for you to require 2-3 doses before you feel anything. It’s a good idea to try the same low dose three times with 8-24 hours in between trials before increasing the dose.
  • Some people are actually unable to absorb any significant amount of THC through their stomach, so if that is you, try products that are absorbed through the oral blood vessels or the lungs, as they might be a better option for you. 


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