All About Edibles

An image of brownies containing weed.

With so many options available to recreational marijuana users, many people are choosing to explore various methods of consumption and edibles are one of the most popular ways people are doing that. THC-infused products are commonly referred to as ediblies and are a great option for those who may choose to not smoke their cannabis. Edibles come in a wide range of products and can be a fun way to explore cannabis depending on a person’s individual taste.

When cannabis is consumed orally, it enters the bloodstream after being digested and is then absorbed into the intestines. Eating infused products can be a healthier alternative to inhaling or smoking cannabis since there is no exposure to potential toxins like carbon, tar, and other carcinogens that can be left in certain smoking products.

Types of Edibles

There are three basic types of categories that edibles can be broken down into: those geared towards gastrointestinal uptake, oral uptake (through saliva), and those that fit into both or are a hybrid of the two.

Gastrointestinal Uptake

This is probably the most common type of edible. Edibles that are geared towards gastrointestinal absorption are any type of edible that are digested and absorbed through the stomach. These can include products like brownies, cookies, pills, gummies, snacks, and any other food type product. These edibles usually take longer to activate within the body and can sometimes take up to two hours before a person may start to feel its effects. However, it can produce a long-lasting effect which can be up to eight hours.

Oral Uptake

Oppositely, products geared towards oral uptake can have effects on the user almost immediately. However, these effects wear off much quicker, usually around two to three hours later. Edibles that you orally consume like tinctures (drops), lozenges, lollipops, gum, and other substances all fall into this category.


There are certain products like infused drinks or chocolate bars that fall into the hybrid category because they are designed to be absorbed in the mouth and the stomach. These products offer a great middle ground between oral and intestinal consumption. They offer fast acting effects and they can also last for about four hours. This is the perfect combo for someone who wants to feel the effects of THC quickly but wants it to last as well. It’s also a great way to keep yourself hydrated if you choose the drink option.

Effects of Edibles

Many edibles are exposed to some type of heat when they are being made, and because of that some of the inactive cannabinoids like THCA and CBDA, are then converted into THC, CBD, and CBN. This heating process is called decarboxylation. These high levels of THC could help people with certain health conditions like chronic pain, muscle inflammation, insomnia, and nausea. Of course, always consult with your doctor first before you decide to use any type of edible as a medical treatment!

When you ingest cannabis, it can affect you differently than you would be affected if you were to smoke it. But it all depends on other factors like: the type and potency of the edible, your tolerance, and your body chemistry. It can also be affected on how much a person has had to eat that day. Be aware that many first time edible users can be shocked and surprised by how intense and strong the effects of edibles are.

If it is your first time taking an edible, some people have reported feelings of anxiety and paranoia, despite CBD being known to be a calming factor. This could be caused due to the fact that edibles are much different and have different effects than traditional smoking. So the feeling of uncertainty could be what that paranoid feeling is stemming from. However, this seems to fade away after a person gets used to the effects.

Potential Risks

While consuming cannabis through edibles is safe and will not cause any long-term toxicity, you may want to be aware that as of now, there are no laws in place to assure compliance with normal regulations that most restaurants have to comply with. Many times, states just require a commercial cooking license which is very low on the spectrum of the amount of regulations many commercial kitchens have to follow.  

It can also be difficult to determine the quality of the cannabis that is being put into the edible. Some dispensaries have been known to dispose of marijuana that was not sold into edibles, and some of these buds may be filled with dust mites and mold. It’s very important to get your edibles from a reliable and trustworthy source that have tested their products for potency and other contaminants. Some people prefer to cook their own edibles because of all this, that way they are sure of everything that is going into their edible. People who have food allergies should also be wary of edibles since it is very easy for these products to be contaminated with amounts of nuts, gluten, lactose, and other allergens.

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